Thursday, 3 May 2012

She Said Beauty Box, May, 2012

She Said Beauty Box!!

(exuse my poor unwrapping)

First off! Natio Lotus Soap Trio
"A charming gift set of delicately fragrant soaps featuring all-natural Indian Attar perfumes, the mind calming and mood enhancing scents used during yoga" Well I didnt get three, just one for a start but honestly at first I thought SOAP?!?! seriously?!?! But then actually thinking about it I will use it! So alright with this :) Smells nice! I Got White Lotus.
Full Size £8.50 for the gift set of 3 soaps.

Next I had this Inika Certified Vegan Lip Whip
"INKIKA Certified vegan lip whips are perfect for creating luscious polished lips the natural way. Our creamy forumla glides on smoothly whilst delivering a whip of essential nuttrients to keep you're lips soft and kissable"
Liked this but im not really one for glosses or anything slimey and sticky on my lips really... I got "Peach" Which smells nice and tastes alright and isnt that sticky! I thought it would be but no its not bad at all!
Full Size £14.30 which is what I got 8ml! Wow its worth more than the box!

Okayyyy The Vintage Cosmetic Company "If you're a girly girl and love all things vintage then you will love this new range of false lashes from the vintage cosmetic company. With five styles to choose from, match the lashes to you're personality" I got "Kitty" These seem an okay thickness for me to wear (At some point in my life) So I will keep these for a party or something in future, you know if I could figure out how to stick them on first...
Full size £6.00, and this is a full size so bargain! 

Nexxxxtttt I got Kim Kardashian Eau de Parfum "A beautiful blend of feminine and sensual notes, the debut fragrance captures the many sides of Kims personality and glamorous style."
Yuh... Um it was okay and smelt better than I thought smelling like Kim would be.. Might use this but hm I dont know, dont feel like smelling like her really. Plus side it had a cool rolly things... anyways
Full Size £22.95-£39.95 from 30ml, 50ml and 100ml small medium to large

Next I got Green People "Natural and organic SPF15 cover with a carob based tan accelerator, clinically proven to speed up you're tan by 25%"
Lurvley! I will actually use this! Shame it was bigger, only 20ml.
Full sizes are £12.99 for 100ml
or £17.95 for 200ml

BONUS a 6th item YYYAYYY Snowberry
"Discover truly extraordinary skin care - a rich fusion of the purest and finest active ingredients from New Zealand and the remote places of the world"
Will try these (at some point)

So Thought this box was okay altogether very happy with my suncream, soap and lip whip!
Nom nom nom!

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