Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Amarya Beauty Box May 2012

The Amarya box!!! May 2012

So This is my first ever Amarya box and to be totally honest hadnt been my fave box really! First off though I got this Terre d'Oc Gloss Cubline Shine Lip Gloss "As well as adding a hint of colour and shine, this lip gloss contains nourishing oils to smooth and moisturise lip" Well I loved the colour ( A good colour for me ) Not a lip gloss person but will try my best to wear this as it doesnt look to bad or is too sticky. Nice shine, kinda feels a little gritty on my lips? not sure why.... :/ Think this is full size but wouldnt no because it doesnt say...

I then had this Lavera All Round Cream "This rich cream uses organic shea butter and almond oil to offer intense moisturisation leaving the skin soft and smooth" Just like any other cream then really... But smells nice I have to say and its quite a massive amount! Full size? Guessing so, if not then the full size must be MASSIVE!

Next up AD Skin Synergy Nourish Night Treatment Face Oil "Packed with anti-aging ingredients, including rosehip oil, this award winning night treatment offers scientifically proven results" What kinda results?!?! ... Well mum tryied this and it was funnnnyyyy as she sprayed it and got in her mouth! Blessss! Not the best little bottle ;) By the way smells like Lavender!

And finally! Tous H20 "A light floral fragrance with organic lavender and lemon. Perfect for the summer" I actually really liked this smell! Suprised really because im not really into perfumes and things but love floral smells so this will be of great use for me :) 

Anyways I kinda liked the box but not sure whether I will unsub because the stuff just didnt really appeal to me.. But we'l see!

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