Sunday, 22 April 2012

 Joliebox Review! Mwahaha..

So! first off I had Balance Me "A daily cleanser containing anti-oxidant arctic cloudberry and gently polishing oatmeal"
Well I found this to be quite oily, really dont like oil if im honest, skins already oiled up enough yuuuccckkk!!
With all the beauty boxes iv had iv found alot use this brand which im kinda getting bored with now (exuse me just gotta pull my cat off my curtains)

Then I had this! Tropic Skincare "Bursting with vitamins and pure plant actives that help to visibly firm and intensely nourish the skin" I thought this had been an okay product, I could use this. Smells of lavender which some people hate or love but me im in between so really not sure....

Next we had Pure Fiji "A multi-tasking nourishing oil that can be used on the body, hair and scalp" I liked the whole muti tasking thing but seriously more oil?!?!?! I HATE OIL pahaha and I definatly dont want greasey hair! So not sure how much or whatever to use or when to use this! on the plus side pretty bottle though..

I then had this! BellaPierre, Black mascara "This long lasting mascara instantly creates thicker and fuller lashes"
Well I have to say iv had better really but had been nice to get another mascara as im always wearing it! So wore this yesterday and found it to be long lasting as far as mascara goes but the fuller and thicker thing not so much... But taken a photo so see for yourself :P
(Full Sized)

Last but not least KMS California "A protective heat styling spray for hair that lasts until the next wash" This was a good product for me as im always using the hair straigtners and hair dryer so il use this in future, smells nice aswell!

Well as this is my first Jolie Box I found I was impressed as its a very nice box it comes in although not too keen on the whole bag inside as with other boxes I can reuse the packaging, just seems a waste really.
Well just got this new little kitten (Ragdoll) called Maisie so she was helping me with my review but not helping when standing on my keyboard! Shes a lovely little girly and if you like cats or even if you dont really look up what ragdolls are :P maybe il do a review on her haha!