Friday, 23 March 2012

Testing Testing 1 2 3

Testing testing 1 2 3...
I have decided to become a blogger at last..
Although it'l only mainly be on beauty boxes (you know the sample boxes) the ones everyones blogging about. So basicly yeah im bored and need a "hobby" so thought id do this as it'l keep me quite happy seeing as I love beauty boxes and have now signed up for Glossybox, She said beauty and the Joliebox (although I had been signed up with Carmine) they recently decided to team up with glossybox which is all fine and good. I suppose. maybe..


So yep think thats all? gonna try out new stuff (no ones reading pfft) BUT I will just amuse myself for now okay? Mr Blog thing, im going to try work out how to use this.... bring it on!
M U L T I C O L O U R S  ;)